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iFile 1.8.1-1. iFile 1.8.1-1 deb developer has updated it with bugs fixed.

iFile v1.8.1-1.deb is the file manager and file viewer for Apple devices. Via iFile users can view files like images, movies, text, HTML, sound, PDFs, and much more.

iFile 1.8.1-1 VERSION 1.8.1-1 update:
v 1.8.1-1 – Bugfix Release (iOS 4.x and later)
* Fixes
- Corrected iFile binary for old iDevices (armv6) to be identical to 1.7.2-2 instead of 1.7.0-2.
- Corrected that iFile did not run as super user on old iDevices (armv6).
- Updated Hungarian localization and HTML files.
- Fixed crash on iOS 5.1 when linking to Dropbox (happened when Dropbox app was not installed).
- Fixed that iFile did not remember that it got already linked to a box account.
- Fixed that option bar got hidden in AudioPlayer when the user tapped on repeat mode button, shuffle button or iPod Library Import button

iFile 1.0.1-1 deb

iFile 1.0.1-1 deb


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