Monster Warlord Hack Unlimited Jewels

Monster Warlord has just released on app store for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch for free by GAMEVIL. Here is Monster Warlord hack for you to get unlimited Jewels on jailbroken iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch!

Monster Warlord hack features:

  • Unlimited Jewels

How to hack Monster Warlord to get unlimited Jewels:

Note: jailbreak required!!!

1. Install and run Monster Warlord (Free on app store). Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download Monster Warlord hack from the link given below. [VIP ONLY]

3. Unzip the file. Use iFunbox copy the file ” MonsterWars” to var/mobile/applications/Monster Wars/

4. Overwrite existing file. Make sure set permissions to 777.

5. Reboot your device if the Game crashed.

Important: Please do not continually purchasing items over 9 times!!! OR your device will get ban from GAMEVIL!!

6. Done. Enjoy unlimited Jewels on Monster Warlord,brought to you by J8mesz. Only here at iPlayPlus.Net

Note: If the hack doesn’t work for you the first time, then you need to install iapfree and turn it on, then go back to the Game start purchasing Jewels. Even try install VPN and fake your UDID if still failed to purchase.

The hack is only available for 4 months,1 year and lifetime VIP members.

Note: This hack doesn’t work with iapfree 3.1.1 and iOS 6!!!


Only 4 months,1 year and life-time VIP members can view this link. Subscribe or Login.

Grab download password from VIP section.

This hack is no longer working!! And Monster Warlord hack is died just like “duel of fate”!!! No future update!!

Download Full Version

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