iPhone 5 Event Scheduled For September 12th

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official.The new iPhone (iPhone 5 )is just a week away.Apple will formally unveiled it’s 6th generation iPhone next Wednesday, September 12th. The event that is expected to be launch of iPhone 5 will be held in San Francisco, USA. The invite shows the number 12 (that stands for the announcement date) with the ... Continue Reading →

WARNING: iPhone 5 testers text message is a scam

Just minutes  ago, I received  a text message on my iPhone 4 that saying the following: Apple is looking for iPhone 5 Testers.  The first 1000 users that go to http://mobile-testers.*** and enter 0214 will get to test and keep the new iPhone 5. Doubtless, this message is a big fake. As what I know, Apple will never send any message to customers that invite ... Continue Reading →

iOS 5.1 Beta References Next iPhone (iPhone 5, 1)

We’ve already spilled out an iPad 2,4 and the next-generation Apple TV codename tonight, and now we have, perhaps, the most important find of all: iPhone 5,1. That’s right, the next version of the iPhone is has been dubbed 5,1 internally. This comes right after the iPhone 4Ss 4,1 identifier. The jump from 4,1 to 5,1 represents major internal ... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs’ Last Big Project Was a Completely Redesigned ‘iPhone 5′?

Steve Jobs’ last big project was a completely redesigned ‘iPhone 5‘, according to a CNET report.Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, believes the unannounced and unreleased device will become a cult classic. Kumar says iPhone 5 “was the last project that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with from concept to final ... Continue Reading →

There Was No Way Apple Could Release the LTE iPhone 5 Until Q2 2012

There was no way Apple could release the LTE iPhone 5 because the currently shipping chips won’t fit on the iPhone PCB, reports AnandTech. The iPhone 4 PCB is already incredibly small, not leaving any room for an extra chip to enable LTE without shrinking the size of the battery (or increasing the thickness of the phone to accomodate both a larger ... Continue Reading →

Redesigned iPhone 5 Could Actually Be a New iPod Touch?

Hard Candy has started to manufacture 50,000 cases for a 4.44 inch teardrop shaped iOS device that many believe is the iPhone 5, according to a CultofMac report.Interestingly, Hard Candy CEO Tim Hickman says the device may actually be a new iPod touch.The company received identical data about the device from three sources. This is what they heard:● ... Continue Reading →

Apple to Release iPhone 4S with New GPS Features? iPhone 5 just a prototype

TheNextWeb offers some last minute information based on “sources familiar” with the situation. Sources familiar with Apple’s plans have revealed to us that Apple will indeed debut the new iPhone 4S today, featuring an 8-megapixel camera with “enhanced optics” and “more definitive GPS features” thanks to Apple’s ... Continue Reading →

Sprint Commits to Buying $20 Billion Worth of iPhones, To Get Redesigned iPhone 5 Exclusively?

The Wall Street Journal reports the Sprint is preparing to “bet the company” on the iPhone, agreeing to purchase 30.5 million units over the next four years regardless of whether they are purchased by customers or not. At a current average selling price of $655 for the iPhone, the agreement is a nearly $20 billion commitment for Sprint. Mr. ... Continue Reading →

Analyst Still Predicting Radically Redesigned iPhone 5

Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities is still holding out hope for Apple to announce a radically redesigned iPhone 5 at its press event tomorrow, reports AppleInsider.In a note to investors White says Apple will release a unibody iPhone 5 that is “more aesthetically pleasing but also stronger, lighter, and avoid the back-side ‘glass ... Continue Reading →

An A5 Powered iPhone Will Have Much Faster Graphics Performance (Benchmarks)

While most of the recent focus has been whether or not the next iPhone will have a dramatic external redesign, one feature that seems to be universally agreed on is that the new iPhone will incorporate the much faster dual-core A5 processor, which also houses a much faster graphics processing unit (GPU).The A5 was first introduced in the iPad 2 in March. ... Continue Reading →