Apple’ s New iPod Touch Ad: ‘Share The Fun’ [Video]

Apple has posted a new iPod touch ad entitled, ‘Share The Fun’. With iMessage, Game Center, FaceTime and more, you can share the fun on iPod Touch Apple is holding its Black Friday shopping event tomorrow and discounting the iPod touch by $21-$41. Take a look below… Continue Reading →

Best Gift Ideas for Kids this Holiday Season

According to a survey done by Nielsen, kids in the U.S. are Apple crazy for the holidays this year. Apple’s iPad tops the list as the most desired consumer electronic among kids between the ages of 6-12 with 44% of kids showing interest in the device. The iPod Touch and iPhone also come in right after as 2nd and 3rd most desired products. In ... Continue Reading →

Siri Ported to iPod Touch 4G [Video]

After Siri has been ported onto iPhone 4 and iPad 1,now it has been successfully ported to the iPod touch 4G. It wasn’t ended up here, according to the Engadget reports, two young iOS hackers, @euwars and @rud0lf77 has finally ported Siri to iPod Touch 4G (fourth generation). So now the question is what’s issue again for not releasing ... Continue Reading →

Apple Adds New iPhone 4 and iPod Touch to Inventory System?

Apple has reportedly added a new iPhone 4 and iPod touch to its internal inventory system, according to a 9to5Mac report. Three new iPod touch models have appeared in the system with the codename N81A. N81 is the codename for the fourth-generation black iPod touch, so the A likely represents the string of the three new white models. The site also ... Continue Reading →

Apple to Release White iPod Touch in Mid-October?

Apple is planning to release a white iPod touch and a revised iPod nano in mid-October, according to a MacRumors report.MacRumors has received information indicating that the next iPod touch revision will be a very minor change, with the primary addition being the introduction of a new white model. Only minor changes are expected for the existing hardware, ... Continue Reading →

Bentley concept integrates two iPads, one Mac mini, and an iPod touch

Bentley used the Frankfurt Motor Show this week to unveil a new concept for their flagship Mulsanne luxury vehicle that integrates two iPads, two Apple wireless keyboards, one Mac mini, and an iPod touch as the heart of its entertainment system. As you can see from the gorgeous images of the hand-crafted cabin, the Mulsanne concept packs in two retractable ... Continue Reading →

More white iPod touch parts floating around the globe, fit an iPod touch 4

Since we posted photos last week of a white front panel for an iPod touch, more white iPod touch parts have emerged. Our first part photographs were taken in Asia, close to Apple’s manufacturing plants, and now these parts have begun to appear in the United States. Reader Lafayette from the East Coast of the United States has managed to obtain ... Continue Reading →

Leaked Part Suggests Apple Will Offer Next iPod Touch in White?

Apple may offer the next iPod touch in white, according to part photos posted by 9to5Mac. We’ve received photos of a purported white iPod touch front panel. Specifically, this panel is the digitizer component, according to the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop. We obviously cannot confirm the legitimacy of these photos but according to iFixYouri, ... Continue Reading →

3G iPod touch gets its first concept render

iPhone Download Blog’s iPod touch with 3G rendering We know you love beautiful renditions of Apple’s unreleased products as much as we do. Last week, the blogosphere buzzed briefly about a fifth-generation iPod touch which was said to include 3G cellular data connectivity and a micro-SIM tray, allowing users to swap in and out SIM cards ... Continue Reading →

Rumor: Next iPod touch getting 3G data connectivity this Fall

Apple advertises its iPod touch as an iPhone without a phone. For kids and teens (its primary audience), the iPod touch is an App Store machine that lets them play jaw-dropping games, listen to music, run social apps to share stuff online and what not. Despite these treats and really low $229 price point, the gizmo is seriously lacking in the connectivity ... Continue Reading →