[The new iPad Wallpaper] Gorgeous Wallpapers for the new iPad’s Retina Display

Some of you might have already  had your own greatly 3rd generation iPad- The new iPad. Right after you installed some great apps and games, you may thinking that where to download some gorgeous wallpapers for  “The new iPad “. Yep, this 3rd generation iPad (iPad 3 / The new iPad) actually comes with Retina display. Thе screen itself ... Continue Reading →

The New iPad (3rd-gen iPad) Has Been Jailbroken on iOS 5.1

The iPhone Dev-Team has successfully jailbroken the new LTE Retina Display iPad. jailbroken iPad3: (Just a first step, still lots of work to do! No ETA!) It was thought that I0n1c would be the first to demonstrate a jailbreak for the iPad; however, as the iPhone Dev-Team noted yesterday there were ... Continue Reading →

First Unboxing Video of 3rd Generation Retina iPad -The new iPad

While the official launch of the 3rd Generation iPad isn’t until March 16th, Vietnamese site has managed to get their hands on one of the new iPads and shot an unboxing video. The video, of course, is in Vietnamese, but you can follow along pretty easily. There are no new revelations, but you can see the unboxing and also the ... Continue Reading →

Apple ‘s The new iPad – TV Ad

Apple has officially post  The new iPad TV Ad on their Youtube channel  , watch it now. But, Apple haven’t got their “The new iPad” presentation video uploaded yet. If you would like to watch it on youtube before Apple posted it, you can watch it here. (We uploaded it on our Youtube channel) Continue Reading →

Watch The new iPad Official Video [Youtube]

Apple just posted a video presentation of the iPad 3 on its website. I know there is no one uploaded the video on youtube yet, but now I did. You can watch the new iPad video presentation on youtube, of course, watch it below. Continue Reading →

Infinity Blade: Dungeons on The new iPad

Folks who are playing Infinity Blade  and Infinity Blade II for a while now will love this upcoming iOS Game - Infinity Blade: Dungeons. This Game was developed exclusively for the new iPad Retina display. Looks good, don’t you think? Infinity Blade: Dungeons is set several thousand years prior to the events of the previous Infinity Blade series.  ... Continue Reading →

Where & How To Pre-Order ‘The New iPad’

Apple’s 3rd generation iPad – ” The new iPad” finally is here. This great new generation iPad complete with the Retina display, Voice dictation, A5X chipset, and 4G LTE. Every iPad fan out there would be considering to grab this new Apple tablet as soon as possible. Thankfully, you can now start to pre-order “The new iPad” ... Continue Reading →

So, the new generation iPad is called ” The new iPad”

If you still wondering that what would Apple named their new generation iPad, here is the answer, “The new iPad”. No kidding, that’s what Apple officially given this name. No iPad 3 moniker or the iPad HD, as the bloggers called it.  Check out Apple’ s official press released below. Apple Launches new iPad new iPad Features ... Continue Reading →

The New iPad: 10-hour battery life

Apple just finished its iPad 3 presentation at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and now we have full tech specs, among which the new Retina Display is its defining feature. But what about the little things? Per pre-event rumors and whispers, the new iPad is a tad heavier and thicker than its predecessor. The new iPad is 9.4mm ... Continue Reading →

New GarageBand for iPad available today

GarageBand for iPad has been given a pretty significant update today at Apple’s new iPad unveiling. Among the new features include “Smart Strings”, “Note Editor”, and new iCloud and sharing features. We’ll be updating this post with more info as we get our hands on the new GarageBand, available today, but Apple did ... Continue Reading →